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In addition to the famous Online casinos that you can actually visit, there are many online casinos that allow you to gain experience in the comfort of your home. Onetime has several experts who don't know anything about playing games in online casinos.

Currently, it is mainly foreign organizations operating online casinos. With the regulation of the gambling market, soon, for example, Jack Casino or Holland Casino also launched online casinos. These groups have accumulated a lot of experience in their land-based casinos and can best apply them to online casinos, so they are likely to join the best 10 online casinos in the future.







Latest news


On this page, we will keep you informed about the latest developments, latest offers and bonuses. In addition, you can read reviews about online casinos here and get explanations and tips to win in your favorite online casinos.

Online Casino: Independent Review


Obviously, players attach great importance to reliable online casinos. It is easy to play the game in an environment you are familiar with, and you want to play with a reliable organization. To help you get started, CasinoSlots first tested the reliability of many casinos, and then conducted an honest and objective assessment. Therefore, if you are looking for a good and honest online casino, please consider the site as the homepage.

When opening a new account, you will be asked to enter personal information. Therefore, it is crucial for players to handle it carefully. In addition, it is very important that your own details are correct, because future payments will be checked by the casino again. We, as CasinoSlots, explore all aspects of the website that may arouse players' interest and interest. If we ignore things or add related content, please use the extensive forum where fans can share their experiences and tips about online casinos with you. If you encounter problems, you can also come here and we will try our best to mediate.

So please register quickly on the forum!

Reliable online casino

If you search on Google, you will find many online casinos. The most important thing is that you end up on a reliable website and you can find real information on that website. We are fully aware of this, so we should test all content in person before providing visitors with positive or negative suggestions about online casinos. For example, online casinos must comply with existing rules and have a valid license. However, the license does not describe everything.

For example, permits from countries such as Curaçao are different from those in Malta. When the market is regulated, we will recommend that you only play in online casinos with a license.

You have not only obtained an online casino license in the Netherlands. The Game of Chance Authority publishes these rules to providers who meet strict requirements and constantly monitors whether they comply with the rules. All online casinos licensed by the Gaming Authority will be investigated and will accept personal comments on CasinoSlots. If you miss the casino, please leave a message on our forum and you will be immediately informed about why the casino is not rated. You can also check some more suggestions and tips:

- Can I access the online casino website through a secure connection? You can check it by checking the URL. If the URL starts with "https", it indicates that the connection is secure. When you deposit or leave your personal data, you want the data to be safe.

- You can also search for licenses of online casinos yourself. Usually, you can find a list of licenses on the website. You can compare them with the licenses issued on the official website of the Gaming Authority. The license may look like: "MGA/CL1/309/2006". Compare this with the content on the Malta Gaming Authority website. If the license is also available on the website, it means you have a license ready.

Advantages of online casinos


We look at the positive aspects of online gambling, as well as the less positive aspects. You may be wondering why you want to play games in an online casino, and just around the corner are Holland Casino or Jack Casino, where you can gamble in a pleasant social environment and atmosphere. However, online casinos definitely have advantages over Holland Casino or Jack Casino. We have listed one of them for you:

-Online casinos have many promotions and bonus offers. You can often take advantage of this. When creating a new account, bonuses are usually interesting. Think of the first deposit bonus, but you will also often encounter non-deposit bonuses. Then you will get "free" game funds without having to make a deposit yourself. In this way, you can try the casino for free. It is not wise to read the conditions beforehand, because you have to "play" the "free" money (betting). You can't just cash out this money without a certain level of playing (online) in an online casino.

-Currently, there are a few casinos in the Netherlands where you can play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, every casino is open 24 hours online! In this sense, it provides the greatest freedom, because you can play and gamble when and where you want. Using your mobile phone, you can log in to the online casino you want, or you can gamble on the train or on the terrace.

-Unfortunately, gambling is still a taboo for most people. If for some reason you don't want to go to a land-based casino, then online casinos will provide solutions. Here, you can gamble completely anonymously. No one looks at your shoulder or makes judgments.


-The range of online casino games is very wide. Since physical casinos need space to place all items, this is not the case for online casinos. Compared with most land-based casinos, online casinos generally have a wider and more diverse range.

-Online casinos pay more, and the payout percentage can reach 99%! The payout percentage is higher than the Dutch casino or the famous arcade.

Casino software


When you visit an online casino, you will find that each online casino has many differences. Each online casino has its own preferences in terms of "appearance" and also has its own preferences in terms of the software providers involved (such as Netent, Microgaming, etc.).

These game providers (providers) provide certain software to run and/or run games. Each casino has its own considerations. For example, one casino will provide many providers, while another casino will retain only one or two game manufacturers.

The choice of which provider will be placed on the casino platform depends on various aspects. Cost is one of them, but generally speaking, whether the provider is reliable and whether it matches the platform used is more important. Sometimes too many manual steps are required for the online casino to abandon this game provider. The provider’s revenue is usually part of its game’s turnover plus a fixed amount.

Many game makers have their own expertise, one of them is completely focused on live casinos, while the other has been dedicated to providing the best video slots. In addition, there are giants such as Netent, who have created the most amazing online slot machines and have the top live casinos.


Every week you will see new games appear on the market, such as Thunderkick, Playtech, Netent, Microgaming or NYX Gaming games. Sometimes quantity takes precedence over quality, but it usually takes several months before introducing a new slot machine.

As a player, you will show preference when playing casino games. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the various comments once. This way, you can learn about the most beautiful and interesting games, and you can play online casinos in them. If you are lucky, you will also get exclusive rewards!

Play for free in online casinos


In almost all online casinos, it is possible to play "fake money". This is often referred to as "play money" or "free play". Therefore, you cannot win real money with this, but you cannot lose money either. In this way, you have the opportunity to become familiar with certain games, and also to understand the software and "look" of online casinos.

Compared with live casinos, using fake coins to play games in live casinos is a direct advantage. In live casinos, you can only play games with real money. This is technically impossible, and it will occupy the position of players who want to play for real money.

How do I deposit in an online casino?


The first step from an online casino is to register your account. This is a very important process and must be followed carefully. It is best to compare this to opening a new bank account. In online casinos, correct data is required and must match the actual situation. In order to be safe, online casinos must meet all conditions, one of which is the age of the player.

Other details must also be correct, such as your name, address and place of residence. When "fake" or incorrect data is entered, the online casino has the right to refuse payment. Therefore, always make sure to enter your details correctly so that you will never run into trouble in a reliable online casino and make a substantial profit.

After registering, you will have your own account. The next step is to deposit real money, this is your first deposit. An important step, because in many casinos, your first deposit will receive a substantial bonus. Be sure to study carefully for any explanations and tips, and you can also visit the CasinoSlots forum. There are several ways to save money. For players, this is easy, you can deposit through the famous iDEAL. Below you will find an overview of online casino deposit options:

-credit card;

-ideal; -Skrill;


After depositing, the money will be credited to your account within a few seconds and deducted from the account, credit card or Skrill balance of your choice.

As mentioned earlier, the first deposit usually goes hand-in-hand with the "first deposit bonus", and it is very attractive to use it. Please note that this bonus is not without obstacles. In most cases, you cannot just withdraw money again, for this you must place a predetermined amount in the online casino. These are also called "betting requirements". There may be other conditions for the bonus, so please read the conditions in advance to avoid no surprises afterwards.

Deposits through your bank account (for example, through iDEAL) will always have counterparties. To ensure "anonymity", this will almost never be the name of an online casino. For example, you see Earthport (at Unibet) or Pro Financial (for example, Pokerstars) in the report.


Read all about making safe deposits in online casinos!

How do I pay in an online casino?


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of playing in an online casino is paying your bonus or deposited money. I strongly hope to complete this work as soon as possible and deposit my money into your account quickly. It’s not surprising that it takes a few days, it usually takes 1 to 3 working days. Make sure you know the amount that can be withdrawn and the bonus that cannot be withdrawn. If you haven't met the bonus conditions, you can remove the bonus by spending including all bonuses.

If you don't have any bonuses (no longer), the payment will follow a fixed agreement and will almost always be received in the account you still deposited. In most cases, it is also possible to receive payment in your bank account. Then, most online casinos will send you an email stating that the payment has been processed. Every online casino must follow certain procedures before agreeing to pay. In some cases, after you place a payment instruction, the online casino will ask you to provide additional information.

Other required documents required may include:


-Copy of passport or ID card;

-The latest letter with your address;

-The most recent bank statement.


Online casinos will not do this to make it as difficult as possible for you. This is only regulated by legislation. If you do encounter objections, please contact Onetime through the forum! Our users and experts have a wealth of knowledge and can provide you with specific assistance.

Once these documents are sent correctly, your payment will usually be processed quickly, and the payment will be in your account within a few days. Generally, the more you withdraw, the faster the payment will appear in your account, because all the data is known.

Top bonus offers in online casinos


Many online casinos offer free spins and bonuses to introduce people to casino games. We investigate the best bonuses and whether they are reliable and fair. Maybe there are better rewards. These bonuses are usually considered free money, but you will understand that you will not get any bonuses for no reason. Bonuses are usually subject to certain conditions, such as betting on your bonus (betting).

The online casino states the "Terms and Conditions" for each bonus. You can see which conditions must be met to clear the bonus. After unlocking, you can cash out or use it.

Bonuses played in online casinos


How can you best release your winnings? Convert bonuses into real money by playing in online casinos. This bet must usually be made 30 to 40 times. This means that the bonus must be bet 30 times on the online slot machine to unlock it. You will find the exact number in the conditions, and we will also mention this in the comments.

We will give an example of an online casino bonus. Suppose you get a 100% bonus with a deposit of 100 euros. You will receive a "free bonus" of 100 euros. The condition states that it must be played 35 times. Therefore, you must place a bet of no less than 3,500 euros in order to convert the 100 euro bonus currency into real currency and possibly pay it.

Bet 35 times your bonus, which sounds like a lot, but in practice it goes very quickly in secret. The payment ratio in online casinos is very high, and you can use the deposited funds for a long time to play. If you want to make quick profits, we recommend that you do not accept bonuses so that you can withdraw funds quickly without any problems. There are several bonuses, and we will try to research and review all bonuses for you. We have listed some common bonus types.

-Non-deposit bonus: This is a bonus, you don't need to deposit personally to get the bonus. You usually receive such bonuses, such as welcome bonus (registration and registration). Not only can you redeem this bonus, but you also have to play

-First deposit bonus: This is the bonus you get after your first deposit. This first deposit is also affected by certain conditions, which are different for each online casino. Usually, you need to spend many times to use this bonus before you can withdraw this amount.

-Free spins: Free spins are free games (spins) you get on online slot machines. You can get these free games on slot machines of your choice in the casino. You get x spins in the predetermined bet. If you win these free spins, the bonus will also be issued as a bonus under the same type of conditions.

-Cashback: This is a form of bonus, if you lose money in the online casino, you will get a refund. For example, they can give you 10% of the cash loss. This only applies to deposits and does not apply to money you win after depositing.

Is it legal to play in an online casino?


Currently, you can create an account in many online casinos to place bets online. However, according to official regulations, you are now not allowed to gamble legally in online casinos. This is because in the Netherlands, you can only gamble with Dutch regulated providers. However, for the time being, this is a gray area, and it seems that private players can gamble online. However, the game provider (KSA) will provide services to some providers.

At the same time, the House of Representatives passed a law allowing online gambling. This law is called KOA (Remote Gambling). However, in the Netherlands, it still must be approved by the Senate, and we must wait. Many online casinos do not care about legislation and "priority standards" and indicate that the gaming authority does not comply with European guidelines. KSA will not provide transparency when issuing licenses.

In some online casinos, the issuance of licenses is worrying because people worry that they will not be granted licenses in the future. For safety, all KSA requirements can be met and online casinos can be closed. We expect that the first batch of licenses will be issued in early 2019, and the security and reliability of online gamblers will be higher. It is not yet clear how it looks, but it is important to protect players. The tax will be paid by the online casino and players do not need to handle it in person.

Mobile online casino


As an online casino, you cannot escape having the most advanced mobile solutions. More and more players want to gamble via mobile phones or tablets (such as iPad). Almost every casino offers this option, but Onetime believes that the future winner will be the online casino with the best choice.

Mobile video slot Kroon


You will see that the online casino on your phone is very similar to the casino when you play on your computer. It will all be smaller (sounds logical), and has been specially designed to look as good as possible on a smaller screen. The game manufacturer ensures that the game can also be played mobile, and the online casino places this mobile game in the lobby. Sometimes, the game may not have been created yet, or the game is not popular enough to be played on mobile devices.

You can also use all functions from your phone or tablet, such as depositing money until payment is made to your account. You currently notice that the major casinos that are leading the way in mobile quotes have also developed a special online casino application. In the coming time, you will see more. Currently, online casino apps are not allowed in the Dutch app store. Apple and Google therefore deleted it.

News about online casinos


Through Onetime, we have a good connection with media and news services related to the casino. We will express our opinions on matters important to Dutch players. These can also be online casino promotions, which can give our readers an advantage. Of course, we will also review the latest games and provide independent reviews.

Comments on online slot machines and video slot machines


We will review online casino providers, but players want to play fun and exciting high-paying games. Therefore, we will try to play, film and provide all content by ourselves. In this way, Onetime readers can learn which games they like to play and which games they can better ignore. Our findings are independent and tested by experienced participants, although sometimes personal opinions stand out. Pay attention to several aspects of the game, such as:

    -Game experience;
    -Bonus Games;

Then compare the judgment results with our past ratings and rating experience. A specific video will also be added so that readers already have an understanding of slot machines. Finally, the most comprehensive and objective online slot machine database is created, which players can use

Complaints about online casinos


If you have a complaint about an online casino, we recommend that you report it directly to the relevant casino. Most casinos have chat options, but you can also contact online casinos via email or phone. In almost all cases, this leads to a solution.

Unfortunately, sometimes it may not be possible to find a solution in the support department. Come to "rescue"! Through the forum, we have managed to solve many problems. There are many experienced participants active, we also contact the support department, we can provide you with support. The online casino will also watch and read on the forum so that they can contact you specifically and explain the problem.

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