Legal online casino with a license

For a long time, the prospects of online casinos are full of uncertainty. The draft law is ready and has been discussed politically since 2011. The proposal for a new gambling law has been approved by the House of Representatives, but the upper house has taken a long time to make decisions. In June 2019, the bullet finally passed through the church: the gambling market is opening up to new providers, and online casinos can apply for a license to operate completely legally.

The aim is that the first batch of casino licenses will take effect on January 1, 2021, and from then on, online gambling can be conducted in legal online casinos. The new law should be fully passed before mid-2020. Especially disputes about lower regulations. After the new gambling law is fully introduced, the Gaming Authority will have six months to evaluate the license applications it has received, and by 2021, gambling fans will finally be crazy!

As an online casino player, what does the new gambling law mean to me?

For casino lovers, I am very happy that you will soon be able to play casino games with confidence. The new regulations place high demands on licensees. For example, they strictly abide by certain minimum expenditure percentages, maximum expenditure deadlines, and protect consumer privacy. Legal casinos must also put a lot of effort in preventing addiction. By the way, the casinos on this website already have European gambling licenses, which means they are already under strict supervision.

Gambling tax

Even as a fan of online gambling, you cannot avoid paying taxes. The basic idea is simple: the more you earn (read: winning), the more you have to pay. After all, the winning amount is included in the income you have received. Chance tax games are levied in accordance with the "Chance Tax Games Law", which stipulates that the maximum cash prize of 449 euros in chance games is tax-free.

Different scenes


The new law discusses different situations regarding gambling tax levels: for example, the tax rate for online gambling should be 20%, while the tax rate for offline gambling should be 29%. Then there is the second case, pointing out that there is no difference between offline gambling and online gambling. Both niches must pay the same tax rate of 29%. In this case, the tax rate may be reduced to 25% in a few years. An important detail is that in Belgium, only 11% tax (offline and online) has to be paid.

How can I identify a legitimate online casino?


As the new gambling law is expected to be introduced, it must be clearly communicated on the casino provider’s website whether a formal gambling license is available. The exact appearance is not yet known, but it is expected that it will take the form of an official icon, even abroad. In addition, the certificate number is usually located at the bottom of the provider's website. The validity of these certificate details can then be checked on the website of the Gaming Authority.

When are online casinos legal ?


Having access to online casinos does not mean that these casinos have license. In fact, at the time of writing, none of the online casinos have such a license. Only when the new gambling law is finally approved will it be possible to issue a casino license. We are not yet able to reveal what this process looks like and how long it will take to process the application.

Is it legal to play online casino games as a player?

Despite the lack of legal online casinos, Dutch players can still "try" their luck or play online roulette. What is the reason for the free movement of EU goods and services? The law will not prevent Dutch players from playing in online casinos in other EU countries. This is why foreign online casinos are "available" online in the Netherlands. Is it wise to cooperate with foreign suppliers? Incomplete. Because according to Dutch law, there are no gaming opportunities in legal casinos, so you cannot expect to be protected by the Dutch government. As a result, you cannot rely on Dutch support in financial disputes or gambling addiction. In addition, the free circulation of goods and services does not mean that foreign suppliers can be freely bound in the Netherlands. For example, online gambling providers are prohibited from advertising in our country. In fact, foreign websites may not target Dutch players at all. This means that Dutch text cannot be used, and Dutch symbols (Dutch flag, wooden log) and other functions (hup-holland-hup) are generally prohibited.

How can I identify a legitimate and reliable online casino?


Put all the above luggage in your pocket, so you can consider whether it makes sense to visit a foreign online casino. If you decide to gamble with foreign players, it is important to be prepared. This also means that you should not play in the first best casino you encounter. Fortunately, due to the openness of the Internet and some common sense, you will soon find out whether online casinos are reliable.

-Experiences and comments: The Internet is full of experiences of other visitors, and with a simple search, you will soon have an idea of ​​the online casino in question. Also, don't forget to check social media channels. The general appearance of the website usually also has a lot of influence on the provider. Pay attention to the design, but also to the presence of the logo.

-License: Although there is no Dutch license issued, there are still many countries/regions issuing licenses. Where permits are issued, there are usually strict conditions and controls. For example, licenses from Malta or the United Kingdom are highly valued. The license registration number can usually be found at the bottom of the website.

-Payment method: Just like on any other website that conducts financial transactions and uses personal data, it is important to complete this operation reliably. Therefore, please read the conditions and consult the provider if necessary. It is best to use the very secure iDeal as a payment method.

-Service Desk: A small online casino has a customer service or service desk where you can solve problems. Isn't that right? Then the bell should have rang. A reliable online casino is accessible and transparent.

-Conditions: adopt the general terms and conditions and see how the casino handles expenses. The important thing here is the payment deadline and whether a (medium) large sum of money can be paid at once, or whether there are certain restrictions. Pay attention to deposit and withdrawal conditions and bonus conditions.